Course Content Series

  1. Course one is clinical, educating the registrant on the process of recovery for the TBI survivor using the Rainbow Effect Method and is targeted at all stakeholders such as healthcare professionals and students, insurance personnel, legal professionals, families and survivors.
  1. Course two is relevant for all stakeholders with the funding and use of volunteer’s sections being of particular interest to families and survivors. It will focus on ethics, best business practises, time management, medical legal report writing, expert witness testimony, funding and the use of volunteers.

UBC Traumatic Brain Injury Case Management Examination Series

If the registrant is seeking to demonstrate proficiency in Traumatic Brain Injury Case Management, click on the link to UBC and complete the exam assignment portion. This portion will be graded, upon completion students will receive official documentation from the University of British Columbia stating their successful completion of these exams.

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Course Two:

$594 (Save 10%)

Course One:
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$359 (Save 10%)

Group rates available for  100 users or more

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I really like that there is a video along with the PowerPoint. It makes it much more engaging and it feels like I am in a classroom with you but still allows me to work at my own pace. I thought it was very well done.

Ashley SchmidtVancouver MOT Canada

Excellent slide video combination far more engaging having a “human” aspect. Well done!

Business practices and Public Relations I wish this information was taught in school!

It’s already helped my practice immensely and will help many other therapists, clients, families, and individuals living with TBI.

Brian HallOT Kelowna Canada

I sincerely hope that many clinicians and families take it. The information presented is incredibly relevant and helpful.

I found the content to be very clear and relevant overall, and I would highly recommend this course to all health care providers, TBI survivors, and family members involved with TBI

I have already started applying new learning from the course in my practice, including the Rainbow effect formula, and have had very positive feedback from clients and interdisciplinary team members. Most feel that this formula provides clarity for them regarding the rehabilitation process

Andrea SchneiderMOT Vancouver Canada

25. I would strongly recommend students considering to work in brain injury sector to complete this as gives them a good foundation on developing skills to work with our challenging clients and the earlier someone is skilled the better it is for future interventions.

Deborah PirauoTBI Case Manager Australia